Schichtdickenmessgerät KRAUSS S620 für Fe & NFe-Metalle

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  • S620
Product Description: Coating Thickness Gauge S620 is a highly intelligent and precise... mehr
Produktinformationen "Schichtdickenmessgerät KRAUSS S620 für Fe & NFe-Metalle"

Product Description:

Coating Thickness Gauge S620 is a highly intelligent and precise instrument used to quickly and accurately measure thickness of coating or plating on almost all kinds of metal surface. It not only indicates thickness of coating or plating but also automatically identifies the base material. It is applicable to measure non-magnetic painting, ceramic, enamel, plastic, rubber coating on magnetic base materials such as iron and steel, non-ferrous metal plating such as nickel & chromium, anticorrosive coating, non-conductive painting, plastic coating and anodic oxide film on non-magnetic conductive devices.

Measuring: Continuous and Single Measurement available
Display: Simultaneously display Measuring Value, Average Value, Maximum Value, Minimum Value and Standard Deviation
Memory: 50 data store
Backlight: Brightness adjustable, clear and easy reading under any light condition
Alarm: Set higher and lower alarm range for measuring
Calibration: Zero-in, 2 points calibration and multi-point calibration selectable
Battery: 4x1,5V AAA (with low battery indication)

Range: 0-1250μm
Resolution: 0,1μm
Accuracy: ±(2%+2μm)
Display: TFT 320x240
Test Limits:
- Surface curvature: convex 1,5mm / concave 7mm
- Minimum test surface: Ø8mm
- Minimum thickness of base material: 0,4mm
Operation Condition (not in high magnetic field): Temperature: 0-40℃ / Humidity: 20-90%RH
Product Size: 166x68x30mm
Weight: 180g (batteries included)

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